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Callsign: W2SZ/1
Location: Mt. Greylock, Adams, Massachussetts, USA
Grid: FN32
Category: Unlimited Multioperator
222 106 318 35
432 151 453 39
903 72 432 32
1296 77 462 32
2304 58 696 29
3456 48 576 25
5760 39 468 21
10G 35 420 11
24G 11 132 5
TOTALS 597 3,957 229
TOTAL SCORE = 906,153

What was expected to be an uneventful (operating wise) weekend turned into a real head-turner when the bands opened up to the west at between about 0215 and 1430 UTC. Some notable contacts were as follows:

  • KE3HT/R in FN01 through 5GHz
  • N2LBT/R in FN04 through 5GHz
  • K9VHF in EN53 on 220 and 432MHz
  • KB8U in EN71 through 2.3GHz
  • WW8M in EN72 through 1.2GHz
  • VE3SMA in EN93 through 3.4GHz
  • K9VHF in EN53 on 220 and 432MHz
  • W2FU in FN13 through 10GHz
  • AA2UK in FM29 through 10GHz (no 5GHz)

Of interest is that the 220 and 432 stations were each running a single SSB yagi and a single FM yagi. This was done because of the very ugly WX conditions that we experienced during setup on Friday. The lightning and heavy rains caused us to not be able to get the towers fully pushed up until late in the evening. This led to the decision to scale back the installations on the lower bands to the bare minimum.

The only other issue for the weekend was the loss of the 903/1296 rotor. At about the time that the opening showed up the rotor decided that it no longer wanted to turn the antenna. It would appear that the drive ring was stripped on it after many years of service with the group. For a short while, in order to be able to work a few new grids, the dish was rotated via a KB1DDS "arm-strong" rotational device. Shortly thereafter we pulled the rotor and put the spare into operation and the station was back up and running.

All in all it was a very relaxed and entertaining contest.