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2 meters (144MHz and 146MHz)

IF radio

IC-746 (main, SSB), IC-746 (aux, FM) TS-940S (spotter)


none needed (main and aux), home brew (spotter)


SSB: "The Chernobyl", home brew 8877, 1.5kW


2 towers, 2 aux locations

Upper - 2x16 elements (SSB/CW)
Lower - 2x16 elements (SSB/CW) plus 2x8 elements (FM)
Remote RX for SSB (west) - 2x16 elements (not shown)
Remote RX for FM (east and south) (not shown)

[2m upper array]

2M "upper" antennas

[2m lower array]

2m "lower" antennas

[2m power amp]

2m power amp "The Chernobyl"

[2m power amp]

2m power amp and Xverter (lower)

[2m HV PS]

2m high voltage PS